Natural & Organic Groceries

Hungry? You’re in the right place! The Co-op has everything you’d want from your local grocery store and more: natural foods from top organic brands and local producers, feel good snacks, pantry staples, and a wide selection of artisan foods like fresh breads, specialty cheeses, wines, chocolates, and other amazing foods from the Northwest and around the world!  

Looking for diet specific ingredients, keto essentials, gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian foods? We have those, too. Take a stroll through the Co-op to make your next meal a delicious one.


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Real. Good. Food.

Hear us out: we think eating healthy is for everyone, and that grocery shopping shouldn’t be a chore. It should be simple and straightforward, enjoyable even. That’s why we only stock our shelves with the good stuff: natural, whole foods made from real, quality ingredients that are totally snackable, 100% edible, and flat-out flavorful—no harmful ingredients, no artificial preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup.

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Lower Prices on Everyday Essentials

We’ve significantly lowered prices on hundreds of items throughout the store with Co+op Basics, so no matter when you shop, you save on popular grocery and essential household items. From beef and cereal to bath tissue and shampoo, you’ll find low prices on new items and old favorites. Just look for the purple Co+op Basics signs to save on products like pasta, beans, butter, cleaning supplies, milk, eggs, and other everyday necessities.

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Dinner of Your Dreams

Why go out, when you can stay in? Skip the restaurant bill and discover cuisines and inspiring recipes from around the world to transform your own table into a night out someplace new with our Wandering Kitchen blog series.

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Buying Guidelines

All the products you find in the Co-op are thoughtfully chosen for their quality of ingredients, source, flavor, and environmental impact according to our strict buying guidelines and quality standards.

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Co-op High 5 Recipes

Featuring ready-made Co-op ingredients, these recipes only need 5 ingredients (or less!) and will make your life easier, all while being well-balanced, nutritious, and downright delicious.

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